When I was six years old I found a small unnatural hole in the dry earth of the playground. The hole had formed between buried planks of decaying wood, and I spent many afternoons trying to excavate it as my imagination created a world of entombed rooms, abandoned and dusty, full of forgotten artifacts.

My work exists in the subterranean spaces between memory, dreams, and imagination. There is an architecture that connects these territories- a collective subconscious of creativity, which I explore by way of symbolism and mythology. Following this process, I often find both personal and universal meaning and resonance in a finished piece begun with simple inspiration, unrestrained by elaborate intention.

Though a multidisciplinary artist, I have been working in primarily with Encaustic for several years, and love finding new ways to push the medium using painting, printmaking, and sculptural techniques.

Upcoming events:

Superfine! NYC, 4/30 - 5/3 2020

Selected exhibitions:

Superfine! LA, Frieze week, February 2019
Superfine! NYC, Frieze week, May 2018
Superfine! NYC, Frieze week, May 2017
Temporal Pop-up gallery, curator, Ithaca NY, 2013
Temporal Pop-up gallery, solo exhibition, Ithaca NY, 2013
'See America', FDR Presidential Library & Museum, NY, 2013
Guy Lyman Fine Arts Gallery, New Orleans LA, 2012
Littlest Print collective (traveling), 2011
Glassfest, Corning Museum of Glass, Corning NY, 2011
Southern Graphics Council, Chicago IL, 2009
Museum of Luminous Phenomenon, Alfred NY, 2008


Studio Visit Magazine, Summer 2019

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